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The Centerfire Gun Shop has been at the same location since 1980. It also is a family operated business, now being run by Doris Stanley. She is well known by every hunter in the area as the lady to see when looking for that new or used gun. At the Gun Shop, her moto is "I aim to please" and she does!

The Gun Shop has hundreds of new and used firearms in stock. We also pay cash for good, clean used guns all year. The shop has a 90 Day Layaway Plan with only 25% down. We can custom order any new Gun or Scope, we also bore sigh your Gun and mount your Scope while you wait.

For those of you looking for a new or used firearm, we carry Marlin, Smith-Wesson, Henry, Mosseberg, H&R, Browning, Ruger and we are a Kimber Master Dealer. Whatever type of hunting you are going to do, we have the right caliber rifle from the 22 Long Rifle up to the 300 Magnum.
Our Gun Shop has one of the largest selections of Handguns in Eastern Maine. We have people come from over 100 miles away when they want to purchase a quality Pistol. Some of our name brands Handguns are Taurus, Ruger, Smith-Wesson, Sig, Charles Daily, Colt, Beretta, Walter P22, Glock and we are a Kimber Master Dealer, one of the finest guns money can buy. We also pay cash for good, clean Handguns or we will take them in trade on a new firearm. This gives us the opportunity to offer you a good used Handgun when looking for your first Pistol.
After you have bought the Rifle you were looking for, now you are ready for a Scope. We have the Rings and Mounts to secure your new Scope as well. We carry Burris, Leopold, Vanage, Bushnell, Simmons, Tasco and Nikon. If you have a tight budget, we always have several used Scopes at all times.
For the Bird and/or Rabbit Hunter or you're looking for that Tom Turkey, we have a great selection of Shotguns to choose from. We have all caliber's on hand from 12 Gauge to 410 and we even carry Magnum Loads if you hunt Canadian Geese.
In Maine, we have an extended Black Powder hunting season. We at Centerfire carry Black Powder Rifles for our customers who enjoy getting down to basics and experiencing hunting the way it all started with Black Powder Hunting Rifles. Everyone should try it, it's a great experience! Once you have the Rifle, we stock all of the accessories such as Nipple Wrench, Wedge Pin, Brass Cleaning Jag, Rifle Powder Measure, Standard Nipple, Mag Sabots and Dog Bore Primer, just to name a few in our extensive selection.
Whether you buy your Gun here or somewhere else, you can count on us to carry Ammunition for whatever Rifle, Shotgun or Pistol you have. For your favorite Rifle or Shotgun, we also carry hard to find Ammunition for that classic gun in your cabinet.
For cleaning and the general upkeep of your firearms, we carry Kleen Bore Gun Products. Every hunter looks for the right Knife that keeps the sharpest edge, we carry Buck Knives in our Shop, the hunter's favorite choice. We also have a great selection of gun holsters and so much more, please stop by our location and see our full inventory!
So if you are looking for a hunting firearm, you will want to come to The Centerfire Gun Shop on Route 4 in Livermore Maine. It's worth the drive just to look.


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