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We would like to welcome you to the Milo True-Value Hardware Store on Main Street in Milo, Maine. We have all your fishing needs!
We carry a large assortment of Rods for all your fishing needs, such as, Spinning Rods, Casting, Fly Fishing or Trolling Rods. We also have the right Reels for the type of fishing you will be doing. When you get your Rod and Reel, you will need the proper Line for the type of fishing you will be doing. We carry Trilene and Stern for your casting and spinning equipment.
We also have Fly Line which come in Floating or Sinking and for Trolling, we have Nylon and Lead Core for those of you who prefer trolling for your trophy fish. On Schoodic Lake, lead core is what you need for those warm days of summer. We also carry a full line of Artificial Lures such as Rapala and Moose Look Wabblers in all sizes and colors. When you're fishing for Lake Trout you will need trolling spoons, Jensen Dodgers or Dave Davis and the right Net for the type of fishing you are going to do is a must! We have Nets in small, medium and large for the big ones. If you are going to Fly Fish for Brook Trout in one of the many brooks in the area, Hip Waders is a must! Now for those of you who fish for Bass, you will find what you need at our Tru-Value Store, we have Bass Power Baits and Lures, Scented Crawlers and all of the many artificial Lures you need for a successful fishing trip.
You'll also need a Tackle Box to keep all your new fishing tackle in. Check out our selection of Tackle Boxes to keep all of your equipment organized. For the many small ponds between Milo and the Mt. Katahdin Region, how about an Electric Trolling Motor for your boat or canoe. We carry several in all sizes to fit your need.
Ice Fishing in Maine can get you that trophy fish that we'd all like to get! Well, Schoodic Lake gives up that special catch in the Ice Fishing season. A must for the Ice Fisherman is a Gas Powered Ice Auger and we always have several on hand. Next, you will want to update your Tip-Up Ice Fishing Traps, we offer several brands to choose from, such as, Heritage Laker and The Frontier Line, just to name a few. You will also need new fishing Line for the new Traps along with a Test Sounder and proper Hooks for winter fishing. When you're winter Ice Fishing, you'll need Live Bait, and to keep them alive. We have Live Bait Containers in metal or plastic, both are very popular. To keep all of your Traps and other equipment from being damages, a Pack Basket is an must and we have several sizes to choose from.
For deep snow that can come to Maine, you'll want a pair of Snow Shoes to keep you from being knee deep when Ice Fishing. We carry 2 types; Wooden and Aluminum, depending on which style you prefer.
Ice Fishing in Maine is no fun if you're cold, so the proper clothing is very important! Our True-Value always has Insulated Clothing, Warm Hats, Gloves, Socks, and Insulated Boots to make your day more enjoyable. A Butain powered Hand Warmer also comes in handy in the cold mornings, late afternoons and blustery days.
You will want to make a stop at our Milo True-Value so that you will have what you need to have the proper equipment for a comfortable and successful experience on a winter day in Maine!
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