Village Store and Archery is the home of Predator Outdoors, which has been seen on TV. This is Maine's Premier hunting location for some exciting stalks and classy hunts over a decoy. You will want to see these over and over. Predator Outdoors has filmed these hunts as a learning tool for the professional hunters as well as the Novice who is looking to learn from the best, and it will help improve your hunts.






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Our Predator Videos and DVD's will show you how to call and hunt Turkeys, stalking Deer and hunting the great Black Bear. We will show you our successful hunts and you will also see our classic misses.

All of our hunts are filmed on location, we do not hunt or put on film any hunts that the game is in an enclosed area. All of the hunts that you will see are real and not choreographed with tame animals in an enclosed area.

To Order our Video's and DVD's, please call (207) 582-7200 or email us with your selection. The feedback that we hear from our many customers is that once you see one, you will want to see them all and add them to your collection!
At our location in Pittston, Maine, we are happy to be able to offer a clean area to store your valuable property for a week or several months in our new Storage Facility. The Storage Facility is located behind our store on Route 194 out of Gardiner, Maine. You have several selections of storage sizes to choose from. You can store a room's worth or a house or camp while you are in transition. Storage is convenient while you are waiting to move into a new home or keeping your valuables while selling your home. You can access our Storage Building year-round (also available during the winter months).
5' x 12'
8' x 12'
12' x 24'
All of your valuables will be in a safe and clean location, just one less thing to worry about while you're moving! Please call (207) 582-7200 or for pricing email us or more information.